Simple tips for writing engaging blog posts

Write great headlines

Headlines need to be engaging, and quickly draw attention. They are the first thing the readers will see and they will determine whether or not the user will continue to read the full article. They are also used if the article is shared on social networking sites, so a snappy headline will increase your views. Check out this article on writing great headlines.

Content rich articles

Quality articles are more likely to be enjoyed and therefore shared by readers. Quality content needs to be well written, concise, and more importantly needs to provide value and be of use to the reader. Don’t worry about word limits. There are statistics around the ideal number of words for a blog post but these figures shouldn’t be a target. Filling a blog post with irrelevant content will only dis-engage the user and decrease it’s value to the reader.

Serve a need, or solve a problem

There is a plethora of information on the internet so creating unique, quality content can be difficult. If you can provide a fresh prospective on a topic, or a unique solution then this will ensure your article is interesting, engaging and useful to the reader.

Break up your content with sub-headings

Sub-headings make an article easy to skim read. Your reader will find the content that is most relevant to them and if they find something interesting, they are more likely to keep reading. They are also handy for adding keyword rich content into your article.

Media-rich content

Images and video play an important role in creating engaging articles. They can help explain a concept, provide evidence for a point you are making, or simply emphasise what you are saying. They are shown to increase viewer retention and engagement. Check out this article which provides some interesting information about which images are good for creating great blog posts.

Make sure readers can comment and share

This is crucial for getting your content out there and have your readers spread the word.