Search Engine Optimisation

There are two ways to significantly increase your website’s visibility on the web; either organically through SEO (search engine optimisation) or with a ‘pay per click’ Google Adwords campaign.Every website is checked by Google (the Google Spider) and assessed on it’s content and links. If your site is boring and not linked to any big (high traffic) sites, the Google spider crawls around your site and will determine that you are small, stand alone and insignificant, consequently you will be relegated to the back pages on the ranking system. Optimising your website’s ranking means improving your site’s content and creating link backs to your site that are meaningful to search engines such as Google.

Your site may be amazing to look at from a human perspective with a great piece of writing on the front page however, if it’s not interesting to the Google spider, you will get overlooked.

Everyone wants to get ‘front page’ visibility. This is our goal for your business too. Another trap to be aware of is the Google sanbox; you may appear ranked higher for a short period as you add new content to the site because Google finds this interesting and will spend time checking out what’s changed. However, if this is not due to maintenance, a regular creation of new links or content addition or manipulation, you will quickly slip down the ranks –like sinking in quicksand. SEO requires ongoing maintenance in order to keep your site ahead of the competition.

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Pay per Click Advertising

Whereas organic rankings are ‘natural’ rankings undertaken by Google based on your site’s content and links, (a process that must be developed and maintained over a period of time) a pay per click advertising campaign can effectively put you on the front page from day one.

A pay per click campaign requires us meeting with you to discuss your budget and the level of site traffic you wish to generate. Adwords are essential to the success of pay per click advertising, these are industry linked and the amount you pay per click is dependant upon the competition that already exists in your field and the demand for the relevant key words in searches. If you are interested in this avenue, we will walk you through the options for creating a specialised campaign to market your business online using pay per click advertising.

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